Sunday, January 8, 2017

Dear Mala Dasari Friends,

I am proud to say that I will be undertaking my next project on Damodaram Sanjeevaiah's biography. There are biographies on him but they are not from literary perspective. Those who have material on his poetry, cultural activities, burrakatha, poetry reading or reciting and any other written activity done by our Sanjeevaiah is welcome to share. A very few of them know that he was/is a Mala Dasari. Let us write a more realistic and authentic biography on him.

Please contact on the following:

Landline: 040 23133406
Mobile: 09908569272

Adien Dasoham.

Dr. Dasari Murali Manohar
                         M.A; M.Phil.; B.Ed; Ph. D.
Associate Professor
Department of English
University of Hyderabad
Hyderabad-500 046 

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