Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Mala/Chenna Dasaris have a temple of Sri Venkateswara swami temple in Raichur city. It has been visited by all people in and around Raichur city. They assemble for bhajans every Saturday with their musical instruments. They have built a huge arch as an entry gate to the temple which has been, unfortunately,  dismantled by the Municipal authorities. Is it because of the Dasaris managing the temple? How crude on the part of authorities? I am a researcher on the history of Mala Dasaris. I condemn the act of Municipal authorities. People are watching. Beware of their rights.
May I seek an explanation from the Municipal authorities of Raichur? 

Dr.D.Murali Manohar
Principal Investigator
"History of Mala Dasaris"
(UGC's Major Research Project
Govt. of India)
Head and Associate Professor
Dept. of English
University of Hyderabad
The book on Critical Articles on Dalit Literature published by New Delhi: Atlantic, 2013 is released and available in market. Please watch out for a new book on Dalit Hindu Narratives being published in this month.
Dasari Murali Manohar.

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