Friday, August 29, 2008

Congratulations to Chiranjeevi

This is Dr.D.Murali Manohar, Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Hyderabd. Let me state proudly that I am the fan of Chiru right from my school days after NTR entered into politics. Now that Chiru has entered into politics my vote will be to him and try to convince people that to vote to his party.

I would like to congratulate Dr. Chiranjeevi for launching his party entitled "Praja Rajyam" on 26th August 2008 on the day when Lord Hanuman is worshipped. Since Chiru is the devotee of Anjaneya, the blessings of his Lord will always be there. As soon as I finished my class I rushed home to watch the launch of the Party name and the flag of his party. After switching on the TV I was overwhelmed by seeing the crowd. Although the politicians give the less number than what it was on that day. One could say boldly that it was the best of any political party's gathering.

The most important factor of this gathering was of the youth and the voluntary presence of them, unlike buying the people by paying cash and food. The parties are panic after the mega star's party launch.

I heard his speech completely. The ideas and aspirations are ideal and difficult to implement but not impossible. Chiru is the best person to change the idea of politics. He is the best at extempore than with the written script. Please mind you that it was the first address and first speech before the lakhs of audience, apart from the media address earlier. On the stage, he was standing alone and speaking that itself was an asset of Chiru's speech.


# avoid the sidelined leaders from the other parties
#prefer to project the clean and budding leaders of the highly educated and socially committed people to be the candidates
#take independent decisions with the support of invisible god
#do not make leaders spend money and in turn become corrupt
#Accept funds only those who give generously and with a purpose but not expecting returns
#be not afraid of losing the mala/madiga/bc votes. They no longer follow the leaders of their castes
#many of the leaders of SC,ST, BC are commercialized
#committed women and realistic should be projected as candidates

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