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National Seminar on Phonetics and Spoken English

Department of English
University of Hyderabad

A Two-Day
National Seminar on
Phonetics and Spoken English
30-31 October 2009

There has been a debate whether one has to respect Received Pronunciation (RP) or not and there has been great demand for Spoken English across the country. Both of them are interconnected. They are not mutually exclusive. Among these two, Phonetics has been questioned and invoked patriotism with regard to accent. One argument that has been always there is that as long as one is able to communicate in any accent what is the necessity to learn phonetics?

The questions that the seminar raises and deliberations are expected on the following:

*Phonetics of English, and in any other language
*Validity and Utility of English Phonetics
*Spoken English versus Written English
*English Accent of various countries
*New T rends in Phonetics
*Spoken English Institutions and their relevance
*Demand in BPO, Corporate, and Software companies

Call for Papers

Papers are invited from ELT …