Friday, July 6, 2012

Please go through the Pasuras that Tiruppani Alwar recites on having the darshan of Lord Ranganatha.The root of Mala Dasari tradition comes from here. He (Tiruppani) had been carried by the Chief Priest Loka Saranga Muni of Srirangam Temple at Sri Rangam on his shoulders to provide darshan on the command of Lord Rangaswami. As soon as Tiruppani is made to  have darshan he recites ten Pasurams and gets merged into Lord Ranganatha attains the statehood of "Alwar" which means merging into the god. I would like to thank Prof. Galla Aruna Kumari for translating the ten Tamil Pasurams into Telugu and giving the explanation of roots of Tiruppani and how he belongs to Dasari community.

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This is the highest achievement that I dedicate to the community. I am scanning and uploading them as they are:

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