Monday, November 16, 2009

Caste discrimination in Britain Universities

I would like to share this news published in Telugu language daily newspaper titled Andhra Jyothi (Navya Page II) 17 November 2009, Tuesday, with the global audience to change in the attitude of caste discrimination after 60 years of Independence.

It is shame of the upper caste Indians who take caste discrimination even to Britain Universities such as Manchester, Hertfordshire revealed in a survey that out of 300, 58 of them expressed that they were discriminated based on caste. The 78% of the complainants express that the Police are not able to understand what a caste is! On one hand 9% of them express that they got promotions due to their privileged castes (upper castes), on the other hand 10% of them expressed that they were paid less salaries due to caste discrimination. Among the participants of the survey, 71% of them belonging to Dalits. Due to caste, 5% of them were threatened. The caste discrimination has been brought by majority of the Indian medical professionals according to the survey. The survey has suggested to curb the caste discrimination in the initial stages otherwise it will be difficult to control it.

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